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vital synergy keto  like different diets if you want to filter their products they have I think over 80 different like dietary filters so you can do vegan paleo AIP you can do keto whatever it is that you're following I think I was searching no it couldn't have been paleo I don't know what I was searching I was searching through one of the filters and I found these things and they're these like high protein beans they sounded like a good idea at the time I've never tried them before you know what let's try one can't recommend a product that I haven't tried ooh interesting this sound look like lima beans the orange all right Wow I get the chili lime this is definitely something that would hit the spot if I were just craving a little bit of a snack I can just dump a few of these into a hole and just like eat as I'm editing okay good point brush up paddle rack I think they're fermented - oh these are these are nifty I recommend and then these last two things are not really snacks they're just things that I wanted to have on hand I love this yeah hi yellow coconut curry stuff it is delicious to be fair it's not the most deficit friendly because I think it's mostly coconut milk so it is pretty calorie dense but you don't need a lot of it like a little bit goes a long way and it's a great way to just add flavor to dishes without you know having to add in a ton of extra food and calories and stuff no no I always have my nut milk and so I was looking on thrive for a different kind of nut milk to see what hide it in the most protein and I found this elmhurst hazelnut - milk kinds literally just water and

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